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FDA Drug Safety Communication: FDA warns about new impulse

Abilify May Lead to Compulsive Gambling Abilify's own information page lists many potential side effects including ... for the drug to prompt impulsive behavior, most commonly compulsive gambling. Medical Therapy For Restless Legs Syndrome May Trigger ... Feb 9, 2007 ... Compulsive gambling with extreme losses -- in two cases, greater than ... gambling in RLS patients who are being treated with medications that stimulate ... Considering this potential side effect of dopamine agonists, the Mayo ...

Gambling Addictions, Purple Sweat, Driving While Asleep—the Scary Side Effects Of Popular Meds. Here’s why you should always read the warning label before popping any pill

Many patients who were prescribed an antipsychotic medication experienced compulsive behaviors, causing many to file claims in the Abilify lawsuit. Abilify Lawsuit | Advocacy For Patients Gambling Side Effect

Parkinson's Drugs May Lead to Compulsive Gambling, Shopping, and Sex

Abilify Side Effects: Compulsive Gambling, Eating, Shipping The drug’s manufacturer, Bristol-Myers, added compulsive gambling to the list of possible Abilify side effects for European patients in 2012. Then, Bristol-Myers updated the drug’s label for Canadian patients in 2014 to warn about compulsive behavior-related Abilify side effects.

Abilify drug blamed for compulsive gambling, eating, shopping, sex ...

Oct 20, 2014 ... New clues to what causes mysterious behaviors like pathological gambling ... Pathological gambling, hypersexuality and compulsive shopping are ... "In our view, these medications should be used less frequently and with ... Medication side effect: compulsive gambling - Northstar Problem ... pramipexole (Mirapex) bind to specific dopamine receptors in the brain and they help patients with. Parkinson's. Medication side effect: compulsive gambling. Parkinson's Drugs Can Be A Gateway To Sin : Shots - Health News ... Oct 20, 2014 ... The disturbing side effects include compulsive gambling, uncontrollable shopping and a ... Requip, a treatment for restless leg syndrome. Impulsive and compulsive behaviour | Parkinson's UK