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Poker Night 2 (also a question about Community Heads + Skins) (self.Borderlands) submitted 3 years ago by DefinitelyAWizardBro So I own this game for PS3, and have unlocked one of the heads (Axton), but it's never unlocked on my PS4.

XBox One Patch Notes only mention about the lip syncing issue on that date.So the Zero Poker Night skin,,, - Borderlands 2 Message Board for .. Poker night 2 Heads and Skins - The Tech Game I was just wondering is it possible to mod in the poker night 2 heads and skins or do you have to purchase the game and unlock legit? Borderlands 2 Poker Night Heads and Skins - Borderlands 2 Poker Night Heads and Skins! About usThe Goliath heads CAN be gibbed - there's no need to unlock your whole .. Second, There is another game call "Poker Night 2" which offers .. Borderlands 2 Poker Night 2 Codes - Borderlands 2 Poker Night 2 Codes; 28 Apr 2013 .. SO I got Poker Night at the Inventory 2 and unlocked all the items in game except the Portal skin for Zero and have the achievements for them, ..3 Nov 2016 .. Download and open Gibbed's Save Editor r155. .. Gibbed's should already be here by default. .. In the "Customization" row, select the Skin and Head of Poker Night at the Inventory 2

This is my save download that has all class mods on it and max skill tree and modded ammo and heads and skins in the bankCharacters and Voice Actors - Borderlands 2.

You can discuss anything related to Borderlands 2 and the series in it's entirety. .... supposed to get from playing Poker Night 2 and it's permanently unlocked for me now. ... By going to "Heads and Skins" and scrolling down to the ... Open your save in the Gibbed save editor, go to the tab called "Backpack" ... Tutorial - The Ultimate Customizations Guide | Se7enSins Gaming ...

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Tutorial - The Ultimate Customizations Guide | Se7enSins Gaming ... [IMG] This is your guide to all the Head and Skins Customizations in Borderlands 2. ... as the Poker Night 2 rewards, The Goliath heads from the Diamond ... can be added to a save using Gibbed, and be dropped in game.

Looking for a Code for these heads... | Se7enSins Gaming ...

These Heads and the skin for Zero are unlockables from the game Poker Night 2. Available for XBOX 360, PS3 and Steam.Borderlands 2 - 'A Meat Bicycle Built For Two' Krieg Story Trailer - Eurogamer - Продолжительность: 4:31 Eurogamer 1 465 703 просмотра.